Travel, eating out and live entertainment – the activities that enrich our lives – are celebrated in this entertaining, but unexpectedly nostalgic memoir of recent times.

From adjusting to expat life in Dubai, to accounts of visits to eye-opening destinations around the world, including, Iran, Georgia, Lebanon and Jordan, the author’s revealing snapshots recall the world before a global pandemic confiscated the freedoms we previously took for granted.

Ever hopeful, the author’s enthusiasm for exploring new places, eating great food and attending the next Bruce Springsteen concert remains undiminished.

Join Ruth Badley as she explores Jordan’s legendary Rose City and Kyiv’s fabulously eccentric toilet museum. Sample street food in Singapore, curry in Kerala and performance art in Hobart. From a theatrical world premiere in the Middle East, to rock music in Manchester and a weird encounter on a Polish train, these illuminating vignettes date from 2015 to 2021. This pick and mix of destinations, moods, iconic live performances, art, food, social comment, and the occasional bizarre experience is sure to inspire and delight.

“The author is a good writer, insightful and honest. I enjoyed this very much. Funny in parts, with a lively, chatty feel to it. It’ll make you hungry too – and want to go out and watch a band play.” – The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

“A delightful mix of food and interesting commentary as the author travels here, there and pretty much everywhere. If you happen to be looking for the thoughts and feelings of an educated traveller who’s very talented at making your mouth water, this is for you.” – The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

A whispered family tragedy ripples across three generations in this coming of age mother and daughter story. Sylvia is dying and her daughter, a British expat living in Dubai, recalls her childhood and the confusing relationship she had with her mother. After Sylvia’s death, she searches for explanations amongst her mother’s possessions, prompting uncomfortable childhood memories and clues to her mother’s sadness. The story moves back to London’s Jewish East End in 1930, where Rose is expecting a baby. When the natural order is disrupted, and part of our personal history is erased, who do we become? ‘As children we assume our parents are perfect and complete creations, but mums and dads will inevitably misbehave, test the boundaries, make mistakes, stamp their feet and shed tears before they become the men and women they need to be.

Reading Ruth’s story is like listening to a friend you know well. A deeply poignant read.– Family Tree Magazine

I’ve read this book!” – Jo Good, BBC Radio London

Part history, part memoir, uncovering secrets, complex attitudes, painful memories, funny memories too – all brought together in this wonderful book.Tony Fisher, BBC Radio Essex

The characters are sharply etched and keenly observed.” – Love East Magazine

In the end we can only just write what we see and what we feel and you’ve done that beautifully.” – Jason Solomons BBC Radio London


I am an author, speaker and professional voiceover artist for audiobook narration, explainer video, English language learning resources and commercials. 

I have had varied and multiple careers since graduating from the Central School of Speech and Drama. I taught English and Drama in secondary schools in London before moving to South Australia, where I helped migrants and refugees enrolled on a state-funded  English language learning programme.

Later I pursued a successful second career as a journalist in the UK and was the arts and food writer for a regional newspaper group before moving into public relations and launching my own consultancy.

I currently provide freelance writing and editing services for businesses and corporations in the geospatial industry.

I have written two award-winning books: Where are the grown-ups? is a multi-generational family memoir. A free sample of my audiobook narration is available on Amazon and on the Audio page of this website. Bite-sized World is a memoir of travel, food and live entertainment.

Both titles are also available from multiple online marketplaces in paperback and ebook format. 

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