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Bite-sized World

Travel, eating out and live entertainment – the activities that enrich our lives – are celebrated in this entertaining, but unexpectedly nostalgic memoir of recent times.

From adjusting to expat life in Dubai, to accounts of visits to eye-opening destinations around the world, including, Iran, Georgia, Lebanon and Jordan, the author’s revealing snapshots recall the world before a global pandemic confiscated the freedoms we previously took for granted.

Ever hopeful, the author’s enthusiasm for exploring new places, eating great food and attending the next Bruce Springsteen concert remains undiminished.

Join Ruth Badley as she explores Jordan’s legendary Rose City and Kiev’s fabulously eccentric toilet museum. Sample street food in Singapore, curry in Kerala and performance art in Hobart. From a theatrical world premiere in the Middle East, to rock music in Manchester and a weird encounter on a Polish train, these illuminating vignettes date from 2015 to 2021. Find Bite-sized World here

Bite-sized World is Ruth Badley’s second full length book and follows the award-winning success of Where are the grown-ups? The true story examines the impact of a domestic tragedy on three generations of the author’s family.

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