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New information from an invoice dated 1933

The second part of my memoir, Where are the grown-ups? required some historical research. I didn’t include everything I found out and some questions are only occurring to me now, so I am still adding to my knowledge. Here is an example.
I wondered which firm of East End stonemasons would have made my grandmother’s headstone. Now I have the answers. The services of Rose Brothers of Stepney Green were called upon twice in three years. First in 1931 for coincidentally, my grandmother, Rose Dehaan and then in 1933, for her sister Esther Fellman (Hetty in my book). This is the invoice for Hetty’s stone. A £3 deposit and a total cost of £33. Both are buried in East Ham cemetery. My great-grandparents Harry and Jane Wagenhuizen endured the tragedy of burying both their daughters.

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