A Song In My Heart But Not On The Page

How come I know ALL the words? It’s a question I often ask myself when it comes to lyrics. I could entertain a crowd all night, if only I could sing, because my brain is a sponge when it comes to retaining and recalling the words to popular songs.

Songs that take me right back to that special place, songs that remind me of other times, songs that drive me to distraction and songs I didn’t even know I knew – somehow the lyrics have all been stored away in my head for future use – without any conscious effort on my part. (more…)

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Write that book!


I’ve been playing with the idea of writing a book for the last year so I thought it might be worth sharing a few tips on how I finally stopped talking about it and made a start. There used to be a sort of hushed reverence around announcing this kind of activity but in the age of self-publishing and blogging, writing a book is an achievable goal for pretty much anyone that has something to say. (more…)

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