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Reviews for Where are the grown-ups?

‘In the end we can only just write what we see and what we feel and you’ve done that beautifully.’ Jason Solomons BBC Radio London

Part history, part memoir, uncovering secrets, complex attitudes, painful memories, funny memories too – all brought together in this wonderful book.’ Tony Fisher, BBC Radio Essex

‘I’ve read this book! ‘ Jo Good, BBC Radio London

Reading Ruth’s story is like listening to a friend you know well. A deeply poignant read.’ Family Tree Magazine

Review of Where are the grown-ups? Family Tree Magazine October 2019

‘The characters are sharply etched and keenly observed.’ Love East Magazine

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‘A beautifully written and sensitive exploration of the authors relationship with her mother and a poignant look at how each generation is shaped by those who came before.

‘Integral to the authors writing is a sense of comic timing that enlivens the text with deliciously recognisable humour and laugh out loud moments, whilst the sadness and dignity of the personalities evoked is very moving.

‘The writing is fresh, smart and both observational and engaging – the author is a key, brave and sensitive player in this three act drama.

‘Superb storytelling and wonderful intertwining of family through the years.

‘The author has the skill to make this very personal story into one that many daughters and families will relate to.

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